Tongariro Crossing Winter

June to September: Fully Guided & Shuttle Only

Walking Time: 8 hrs
Suitable for moderately fit people
Depart Riverstone to Managatepopo: 7.15am
Cost: $185 Return
Includes: One guide per ten people, mountain gear and return transport

What to Expect

  • Snow/ice can cover all or parts of the track, walking & navigation often difficult
  • When the mountain is covered in snow and ice we offer fully guided packages only
  • The Crossing is alpine high altitude terrain with little to no shelter, so you are exposed to whatever weather conditions exist –  make sure wear or carry the right gear and learn about the track before you start
  • Alpine equipment such as crampons and ice axes are normally required during this period and are provided by your guides
  • Your guide will offer basic instruction with how to use a crampon and ice axe
  • You will begin walking 8:30am and finish at approximately 4:30pm with a number of stops along the way
  • As daylight hours are limited in winter we need to keep a moderate pace during the day
  • It is not safe to climb Mt Tongariro or Mt Ngauruhoe in winter
Shuttle, Gear, Facilities, Track Here!

Track Conditions Explained

1 Tongariro Alpine Crossing transport and guiding has three seasons – summer season, winter season and mid season (autumn-spring) – which determine the best way to tackle the Crossing and the costs involved

2 Shuttle only option (summer conditions) applies when the track is clear from snow and ice

3 Once there is snow and ice on the track we no longer offer shuttle only options for safety reason (winter & mid season conditions)

4 Due to variable weather during the spring and autumn, from day to day any one of these three options may be more appropriate

5 Bus times are subject to change, please check times with Riverstone Backpackers

Trip Reports

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