Tongariro River Rafting & Kayaking

Spectacular Gorges, River Journeys & Flat Water

Tongariro River rafting in Turangi is good option on days when the Tongariro Alpine Crossing may not be possible. Grade 2 kayaking trips on the lower Tongariro River can also be arranged.

Flat-water paddling trips on the Tokaanu Stream Tailrace in Tokaanu Village with Wai Maori, a tranquil trip down the Whanganui River over 3 days, or from Taupo a guided paddle to the Maori carvings in the western bays are other alternatives. All trips can be arranged when you arrive at Riverstone Lodge & Backpackers.

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Tongariro River White Water Rafting Riverstone Recommendation

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

The journey through the Tongariro River gorge is a very scenic 2.5hr journey. Turangi based Rafting New Zealand opposite Extreme Backpackers, and Tongariro Rafting are two of the longest established & best operators in NZ.

This trip is good value for money and is especially suitable for those who may not have done much rafting, and for the remarkable scenery. When the upper river is open, guided fly fishing trips are also available.

Tongariro River Kayaking

Grade 1-2

Kayaking is an excellent way to explore the beautiful waterways of the Tongariro region, often in total solitude and up close to nature. Guided kayaking trips on the lower Tongariro River are available with both Tongariro Rafting & Rafting NZ.

Flat Water Kayaking

Tongariro Kayaking

Tongariro Kayaking

Self Hire & Guided Trips

Another flat-water trip in the Turangi area is the Tokaanu Stream & Tailrace in Tokaanu Village where kayaks can be hired from Wai Maori

The beautiful Lake Rotoaira under Mt Tongariro (permit required – available from sports shops) or the Tongagiro River Delta and its abundant wildlife are other alternatives.

Whanganui River & National Park Kayaking Riverstone Recommendation

Whanganui River Journey

Whanganui River Journey

Time: 3 Day Overnight Adventure

If you are heading down SH41 try kayaking the Whanganui River, through the interior of the Whanganui National Park. Given the rugged terrain this is a much better option than walking.

The Whanganui River rises on Mt Ngauruhoe – you pass the tiny creek on SH41 to National Park – and flows north offering stunning scenery and over 200 small rapids over the 3 day journey.

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